Friday, July 27, 2012

Top ten things my dog and cat say.

Ten things my dog says without using words:
1) Look at my happy dog cookie dance.
2) I love you
3) Ride in the car, ride in the CAR....
4) Bad touch (said to cat & vet)
5) Grandma has better yummys.
6) Walk? Walk, walk, walk.
7) No brush, no brushing?
8) Oh Yes! Scratchies right there.
9) Potty, I have to go potty, potty, potty.
10) It was the cat.

Ten things my cat says without using words:
1) Mine! It's all mine.
2) Give me tuna
3) Look at meeeeee.
4) Pet me, pet me NOW!
5) Stop touching me.
6) Pick me up, now put me down
7) I'm cute, I'll do what I want!
8) Wake up I want to sleep where you are.
9) I will make you suffer.
10) It was the dog.

Friday, July 13, 2012

What makes your house a home?

It doesn't matter where I am in the world I like to make the place I am living feel like a home. I am a home body and enjoy my home. There is something to be said for a long day of meetings or shows, to finally come home and are hit with that feeling of sheer happiness at being home. My home is not perfect, nor it it decorated like my version of a dream home, but it's mine and I love it. I have a collection of tea pots from around the world with a couple that are very old. I like looking at them and using them occasionally. I love my bedroom, I have two paintings on the wall that bring me so much joy to look at. My house is definitely not cold but one that is well lived in. I don't have a family of my own, but I look at my show as a family and the office reflects the love I have for magic and the people in my show. There is a special memory that goes with each poster, award, and photo on the office walls. I wrap myself in these things like a security blanket that keeps me safe and warm. My friends also help to make my house a home. I am not good about having people over to my house, and I apologize to everyone in advance for that personality trait. But the few friends who do make it past the garage or front door are truly welcomed into my home.

The biggest thing that makes my home so special are the two furry faces who manage to tell me over and over again just how much they love me. The dog has issues from years of abuse before he was adopted, but he is so loving and affectionate towards me. He makes me smile when he does the "I'm so happy you are home dance." there is nothing quite like a dog as big as a person doing his happy spinning, bouncing dance with the occasional pause to see if I am watching. And there is the cat... According to him I make his house comfy and homey just for him. He loves snuggling up to me on the couch where he throws his furriness against me and demands attention. I am lucky as they fill my life with love. And for me where there is this kind of love there is a home.

What makes your house a home?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ten things I have learned watching television:

Ten things I have learned watching television:

1) There is always someone who will defend the underdog.

2) The family that laughs together stays together.

3) Everybody lies at some point, (watch any reality show.) and detectives will find the truth.

4) Real friends will always be there for you because if you are stranded on an island you want the Professor and Mary-Ann to be there with you. (there is a great story about how the actor who played Gilligan on Gilligan's island stood up for the professor and Mary-Ann's names to be added to the theme song.)

5) Not to worry if I miss an episode it will be repeated, just like history.

6) The news is full of death and I would rather read about it than watch it.

7) The portrayal of women is rarely realistic. We are not all size 2, most of us love our curves. There are millions of women between the age of 35-55 that seldom exist on tv. And most women are not the train wrecks that live in "reality" television.

8) The difference between tv cooks and my cooking is more than just the fancy stove.

9) A good writer can make me cry for a :30 second commercial.

10) Love can conquer anything with a happily ever after, except maybe a reality dating show.