Monday, June 1, 2015

Traits of Successful People.

Starting a new project can be more than a little daunting. There are so many variables that if left unattended can be disastrous. Unfortunately we can't know what the pitfalls are we can just learn to roll with the problems and learn to deal with them head on. This is what I noticed about successful people around me. 

- Successful people are very good at adapting their goal, while keeping the vision for their company intact. 
- They are people who have been knocked down and keep getting up over and over again. 
- They know how to let go of something that's not working and set it aside for an alternative that does work. 
- They are also good listeners who are willing to listen to suggestions knowing that some suggestions will be the answer and the other suggestions will be graciously accepted with a smile and never go beyond that conversation. 
- Listening is an important skill few of us acquire, but many need it to properly lead. 
- they surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are. 
- Making the people around you feel valued it also the trait of a successful person. 

I can only hope as I venture out with my new projects that I display all of these traits along the way. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

The truth about love.

The truth about about love and myself is that I have always found it to be elusive. I see friends and family find love everyday and yet I still struggle with it. When friends find that perfect match it makes me happy knowing they found a person who makes their heart skip a beat and gives them that warm butterfly feeling every time they are together. It also makes me slightly envious and definitely sad that I have yet to find that kind of love for myself. We all want someone special in our lives but a few of us are never meant to find it and are destined to be alone. 

Am I good at dating? At this point in my life I would have to say no, or I would have been successful by now. Throughout my life, not many men have asked me out, of that I am not sure why. So I decided if I wasn't pretty enough on the outside to attract men then I would try to be a good person on the inside. Turns out men like women with a little more of a bite to them. I also seem to have a problem with being smart and ambitious which I didn't realize makes a bad combination for finding a man. 

So my answer was to stop dating. After multiple disaster relationships that I chose to stay in way to long and one relationship that was happy but I wasn't what he wanted in a partner, I decided to stop the madness. For awhile I thought that there would be someone around the next corner, but every corner was empty. I have been on dates, and enjoyed the company of several great guys whom I enjoy as friends, but nothing more than that. I realize I am extremely lucky to have some amazing men in my life, but there has been nobody special for the past 3 years who made my heart skip a beat....until recently.

I opened a door and met someone who gave me butterflies and made me smile when I would think about him. It was like a ray of sunshine after a long cold winter. He made me realize that I do have the ability to feel a spark for someone. I  still might be single and forever alone, but I know that there are still hidden gems waiting for me around the occasional corner or door.