Sunday, February 24, 2013

Magic Outlaws

I am so happy to say I had something to do with this television show. No, I'm not on camera, but I did have a hand in casting it.

The Magic Outlaws

My friends at the production company called me last year with an urgent request. They only had a couple weeks to cast a television show for the Travel Channel and the only magician they knew was me. It was great timing, as I would be in LA soon and I know a lot of magicians. But I wanted to do this right so that everyone involved would be happy.

The production company had a list of specific requirements for the magicians they were looking to cast. Those requirements helped to narrow my own huge list down. They had checked out magic videos online and already knew the styles they liked and didn't like. That helped narrow my list even more. I wound up submitting a short list of 8 really great magicians, who would be perfect for any TV show. I believe that variety is the spice of life, and I wanted the production company to see they could have three completely different individuals. They made a wonderful decision with Chris Korn, Ben Seidman, and David Minkin. They are all so different in appearance, personal style and magic presentation.  Now I have to admit that I knew all three of these people, but not personally. Chris I knew would be savvy with presenting himself and his style on TV as he has done so many TV shows. He is inventive and entertaining comes easily to him. David while an engaging magician, did not meet the initial requirements from the production company. (David's website and videos have him very clean cut and not the street magic type at all.) Bruce Gold said "No, Minkin is perfect!" So I talked to the production company, had them meet David and once they met him they were sold too. Lastly there was Ben... We knew some of the same people but I did not actually know him personally. I was at a gathering of magicians for lunch at the farmers market in LA the week of casting. Ben was there with a couple other people I had suggested for the show. I called a friend to ask about him and quickly added him to my short list. Ben is funny, personable and a clever performer. If you Google them you will see they are all solid stars in their own right with amazing lists of credits. Together they make the "Magic Outlaws" and I am so happy that I could help make this happen... Even if it was just in the casting department.

The show airs March 10th at 9pm EST on the Travel Channel.
Here is a video link to the shows trailer:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The President's Inaugural Ball

The President's Inaugural Ball

Recently I was truly honored to have been invited to Washington DC to perform for the President’s 2013 Inaugural Ball. There I had the opportunity to meet and entertain several Recipients of the Medal of Honor. All of them had endured incredible hardships and triumphed over insurmountable odds, yet they were all remarkably humble and happy people with a profound sense of gratitude for life. It reminded me that the challenges we battle must never silence our prayers of thanks because real happiness is an expression of gratitude. -written by Bruce Gold for me-

It was an amazing three day whirlwind. Alan Nu called me up and asked if I would like to be apart of this auspicious event in November. How could I say NO? How often does a chance like this come along? Ok! For some, every 4 years. But for a performer like myself this was something I will be offered only once or twice. I booked a flight, packed three different outfits for the one event and was off.

Let me just say Washington is cold that time of year.

Alan picked me up at the airport and took me to a house where they were having a get together with some of the other performers. We were sideswiped on our way there. The car didn't stop so we pursued it on the freeway. The cars were moving so I could not get a clear photo of the bump and runner. Needless to say while pursuing Alan called the police and they didn't seem happy we were following the guy. I guess police cars are the only ones allowed to have high speed car chases.

After the Performers' After Party I so was exhausted that I made it all of the way to the house of Karen Beriss's parents before I realized I had left my iPhone at the party. Alan was still there and brought my phone to the Ball the next day (he even charged it for me). By the time I got up it was one o'clock in the afternoon (which in Vegas time is 10:00am PST), right on time! Karen and I went to lunch, then back to the Beriss house to get ready for the Inagural Ball. A short car ride, followed by a subway ride into town and a two block walk in 3-inch heels and we were there. They gathered up everyone for photos, then we went downstairs. I had the pleasure of two dignitaries stopping me to take a photo with me. They must have thought I was someone special.

Some of my fellow performers.
The event was filled with Medal of Honor recipients, a truly amazing crowd. I am so glad that Alan had arranged a photographer for his group, because the event photographer only took one photo of me. It was a group photo with the other performers. We were all squeezing in and he asked me what I did, I said magic. To which he replied, "Oh, you must be the girl who jumps out of the cake, because you look good enough to eat up!". There was an audible gasp from the other performers. He later apologized, but took no other photos of me.

The event itself was memorable, the people fascinating. To meet so many Metal of Honor recipients was a profound experience. My magic was a hit, and in the end that was the most important part of me being there. I love to entertain at parties, and this was the ultimate party... to be the entertainment.
Three amazing Metal of Honor recipients.