Sunday, May 20, 2012

What am I saving objects for?

I once heard that you should never save things for a special occasion, if you do you will never enjoy the things you have. For me that might very well be true. I am given things all the time and I think to myself I will have to save this for something special. That special never comes and the item sits unused. I love these objects and want to use them, but never seem to find the right time. So a couple months ago I woke up and decided to change that. I use the perfumed hand cream everyday not just on a date. My muscles are sore from the gym and that wonderful scented bubble bath is going to be perfect to sooth the aching joints. The jewelry worn when I go out to dinner?... It's on right now and I am getting ready to go to the grocery store. The note paper is being used up, because there will be more beautiful note paper by other designers next year. The Hudson Bay blanket is on the foot of the bed. The cloths I save to wear for just the right day because I feel "pretty" in them, are being worn everyday, why not feel pretty all the time. And my grandmothers good china? I had lunch and used one of her sandwich plates. I realized that for most things there never will be the perfect time, so we have to make the time, and make that time count.

My grandmother's china is beautiful because it was hers. When I use it, which has been often, it makes me think of my grandparents. It reminds me of holidays and those special meals when the whole family is together. It takes me back home into a place where I keep my fondest memories. If the plate was left in the cupboard I would not have those moments where I look at the plate and smile. When I wash them, I wouldn't have the image of my grandmother flash through my mind and linger while I remember helping her wash the dishes. For the longest time these dishes sat in a box in the closet, waiting for holidays. Now they are out and remind me that everyday is a special day. I still worry about breaking them, but the truth is I can buy more. Besides I have enough to seat 8 and only have a table for 6.

I find myself now going through old boxes and taking things out to use them. We should spending less time worrying about what if and more time using the objects we already love to make lasting memories. What is more important when I am old and gray? The pristine dish still in a box or the warm memory of a chipped piece of china at lunch.

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