Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's a New Day in a New Year!

Well it is the start of a new year and I am ready for it. Or at least I think I am ready for it. I have some projects that I worked on last year that I am very proud of and some sitting on my butt I am not so proud of. This year has no resolutions, only decisions that needed to be made. And I have realized that matters really do need to be taken into one's hands if you want to see them done. I have been dealing with this one producer who keeps letting things slide. Well, no more, I called him up today, laid out a plan and what was required of him with a time frame. If he can't do it, then I will find someone else who can. Funny thing is he loved the idea, totally got the concept of what I was talking about and will be on board in two weeks. So, I will see what happens in two weeks. Either he will still be excited or he will drop the ball and I will have to move on.

I have several meetings coming up, but that's just what they are, meetings. I still get excited with the possibility those meetings bring, but it's the final outcome I have become more interested in. The meetings are fun, but they don't pay the bills. In fact most meetings send me on a roller coaster ride. I get a thrilling high of anticipation, filled with the what ifs and the low when the ride/meeting is over and the outcome is not what I expected. The truth is I am tired of the let downs, I'm tired of people waisting my time. I am sure if you are a performer, you know what I mean.

I actually had a great meeting a couple days prior to the New Year. The people were upfront and honest. They did not promise me the world. Instead they said, "we will see what we can do". What more can you ask of people than seeing what they can do. I enjoy helping other performers. When I am offered a gig I can't do, I always send it along to someone I know who can do it. Why? It makes that performer and myself look good. It also helps the client find an act that is perfect for them which encourages them to come back to me in the future with other work. I find a lot of acts will turn down a gig and leave the client wandering lost and alone in a sea of performers. It is good karma to help both sides and it makes me happy. A young magician friend of mine needed contacts when he first started out. I gave him my list. Why? Because I felt he was a good act who has only gotten better with time. These contacts are going to book someone, if it wasn't me then I would be thrilled to find out it was him. More people should learn to share information and others should learn to ask nicely. I believe the more we get together and help each other the more success we will all find in our future.

It's a new world if you want it to be and I'm making changes, are you?

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