Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6 tips for a great photo shoot

Getting the right photo for you.

You have finally finished that one special act or routine and now you want publicity photos for it.  Here are some suggestions that should help you get the best photo possible, before you run to the nearest photo studio.    
1) Research. Look through photo books, magazines, anything with pictures or even paintings. Another good place to look for photo ideas is also on the internet. You want to have an idea in your head before you get to the studio and start taking photos, time is valuable. I am constantly ripping or downloading ads out of magazines to show the photographer. This way I come in with an exact idea of what I want from the photo.                                                                                                                

Final photograph

Inspiration photograph

2) Call around. Call for prices and make an appointment to look at different photographers work. Even thought they might be the best photographer in the world, if they don’t shoot the style you are looking for then odds are you will not be happy with the photograph. You also want to see if you even get along with that person before you book time with them. Ask them questions that are important to you. Do they shoot in B&W, Color, digital? If it is digital do you get a disc? Will they print a photo right there? How long do you have to wait for photos? Do they manipulate the photos? Can they fix imperfections like acne in the photo? Ask as many questions as you need, the photographer is there to make you look good for your promotional materials. Pricing is important too, but remember that the shoot is one day for the photographer, and the photo is years of future work for you.                                  

3) Hair and Make-up. Are you good with make-up or hair??? If not you really might want to spend a little extra on a make-up artist. Make-up for photos is different than stage or street wear. A good make-up artist will normally stay for the whole shoot to do touch ups. They also have a good eye that sometimes catches a flipped collar on the costume or a stray hair during the shoot.                                                                                          

4) Time. Make sure that you have enough time. Photo shoots always take a little longer than people think. You will get the best results if you are relaxed and not rushed or thinking about all the other appointments you have to do that day.                        

5) A check list. Make a check list the night before the shoot. This way you will not forget anything that you need at home. It also means that you will not forget anything at the studio.                                                                                                      

6) The look.  If you are going with a special look or facial expression practice it in front of the mirror. Get a feel for the way your body or face needs to be. This way it will make it easy for you to recreate it in the studio.

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