Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Walking Dead

I am a fan of the TV series, The Walking Dead. There is something about that show I find riveting. I know that the writing, acting and directing, etc all contribute to making the show great, but this one is exceptional on all levels. It leaves me wondering what I would do if I to was living in that apocalyptic zombie future. Who would I be? Would I still be alive or would I be among the living dead?

I know that this zombie show and others like it are also a comment on modern society. At a certain point we are all walking through life like zombies. We get up, go to our jobs, run errands and perform a multitude of mindless tasks that can leave even the most vibrant among us walking through their day in a zombie-like haze. Hopefully, these type of days are few and we all appreciate how precious life is, without being pursued by a legion of the undead just to put things in focus.  I find the characters on the show to be very relatable and this makes me feel deeply invested in their survival. Through their portrayals I see myself and my own family and friends, and I empathize with the impossible situation they find themselves in.

I would like to believe that I would be one of the survivors. That I would rise to the occasion and help others to survive. Together as a group we'd beat the odds and thrive. This hopefulness carries over into my real life as well. I think it is the people we chose to surround ourselves with that make us stronger or tear us down. Helping friends to reach their goals brings us closer to the fruition of our own dreams because we are more powerful as a community of positive, like-minded individuals than alone.

Fortunately we don't have to contend with a world populated by brain munching zombies, we only have to avoid negativity, stay focused on our goals and take persistent action in the direction of our dreams.  That is how to be truly alive.

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