Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Truth about my Blog

My show is called Secrets, because thats what Magicians do... Keep Secrets. But we all keep little secrets. My blog has two secrets, but I will get to that in a moment. I write my blog when I see, do or think things that I think might be interesting to write about. I was never very good in English class and spell check quite often refuses to acknowledge my version of a word. I still feel like I have something to say, and blogging gives me that opportunity. So I have two secret weapons; Bruce Gold or Kamala Frazo.

I write the blogs and send them to either Bruce or Kamala, where grammar, spelling and sometimes sentence structure is fixed. They are more than copy editors as they make my blogs sound great. Bruce has an amazing way with words and can take  the essence of what I write and make it so much more comprehensible. He brings what I feel and humor to the printed word, which is a magical skill that I do not have. Kamala has the unique skill to breath life into my otherwise dull word choices. She knows exactly what to leave in and what to remove. I could not nor would not post my blogs with out these two wonderful people.

My Show Secrets is like my blog, it is filled with secret weapons. As a performer it is hard to give over control, but when I see the final product, I know I have made the right decision. I have the best magic consultant, whom I love and trust implicitly. There is a choreographer that takes the vision In my head and creates it with my incredible dancers. I have a Prop builder and  airbrush artist who make my props unique. Bruce who fixes my blog, also writes my dialog for the stage. It is only because of all these people that I have a show. There are many people I have behind me who make me look great and because of this I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I wrote this one without a net and hope it meets with your approval.

A candid shot, for a candid blog.

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  1. Arian,

    You are an amazing woman and a credit to the Magic Community. Should you ever find yourself traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area, I would love for you to be my guest at the California Magic Club (formally the California Magic Dinner Theatre), THE place to be for live entertainment in Northern California.